Direct Order Request:

1. Now that you have decided to purchase Denarios, please fill out our “Order Request Form”.

2. This form will send your request to our Order Department and they will arrange a bank wire or other payment methods with Our Accountant, in the Isle of Man.

3. Our Accountant,, will register you as a owner of Denarios, and establish an investment account in our Bank, in the Isle of Man. You will receive a confirmation with all your details by e-mail and registered post.

4.  Depending upon various crops being harvested and sold, distributions will be made as determined by the Board of Directors of Consorcio Agroforestal to all Denarios holders on a periodic basis.

5.  A guaranteed return of 12.5%  and a possible variable return per year, in the event a surplus occurs, in periodic payments, 2 or 3 times a year.

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